Farming Experiences a Revival in Puerto Rico

Piña Farming

Up until the 1940’s, agriculture was a dominant industry on the island with crops such as cocoa, sugarcane, coffee, plantains, bananas, and even rice. Unfortunately, farming has dwindled to almost nothing over the last few decades. Puerto Rico now imports 80% of its food from other countries.

Over the last few years, this trend is beginning to change. More and more Puerto Ricans are turning to farming, from urban gardens to independent small farms. The number of people growing fresh produce is on the rise. There has been more than a 25% increase in farm income in the last five years. Many are growing fresh fruits and vegetables which are being sold in farmers’ markets like the one in Santurce or at road side stands. Others are planting crops that thrived on Puerto Rican plantations 400 years ago.

Much of this growth is spurred on by the new demand for organic produce. Many are turning to organic sustainable means of farming. One such farm is Batey Zipline Adventures (BZA) in Utuado. BZA and Vámonos have been business partners for years. While their business is ecotourism, their heart is for the land. Everything they do, both in farming and ecotourism, is designed to leave as little effect on the land as possible.

While visiting their farm, our travelers don’t just have an adventure, they get an education on sustainable organic farming and living in harmony with nature. Travelers learn about farming practices, as well as reusing and recycling waste. Some have even stayed on the farm and participated in a service learning project.

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