Coronavirus Update #6

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak, we are currently experiencing high call and email volume. Should you require assistance, we encourage you to be patient and contact your group leader. We need time to process an unprecedented amount of cancellations. This process takes time as we must contact vendors and partners regarding upcoming reservations that will be canceled. We will be communicating directly with your group leader.

Please read the specific sub-sections and FAQ below and let us know how we can best help you as you plan your student tour.

Update on Puerto Rico:

From March 16th until April 3rd, the Governor of Puerto Rico issued a serious executive order that shut down businesses and imposed mandatory curfews and a national lockdown. This order also indicates that tours should be stopped everywhere on the island. Therefore, we have stopped our tour operations on the island until further notice.

As of this week, Puerto Rico is the first and only US airport that is now monitoring all travelers’ temperatures (via wireless sensor cameras) upon arriving to SJU. The island is also asking all incoming travelers to quarantine themselves upon their arrival.

Suggested COVID19 sources:

  1. CDC Coronavirus Page
  2. State Department Coronavirus Page
  3. World Health Organization

FAQ: 2020 Booked Groups

  • 1. What is Vamonos’ position regarding the Coronavirus?

    Covid19 is now a global pandemic. We have been monitoring the spread of the virus globally and most importantly in our destinations. We are closely watching all travel alerts and Covid19 news. We have stopped all travel to Europe until further notice.

    For the safety of our travelers and staff, we have stopped all tours to all of our destinations as of Wednesday March 18th for three weeks or until further notice. We urge travelers and staff to stay safe and to adhere to local and national guidelines and precautions as it pertains to the Coronavirus and influenza.

  • 2. How does Vamonos handle global viruses and natural disasters during and after a tour?

    Our number one priority is to keep our groups safe and together. We take natural disasters and global viruses very seriously. We’ve already experienced multiple situations over the last years such as the Zika virus, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the Dengue virus. Our travelers have always been safe and well-cared for. Since day one, we initiated our crisis and emergency protocol and increased our sanitization practices on tour. While on tour, we will monitor the spread of the virus both in the US and in our destination.

  • 3. Will you offer groups any tour itinerary, date, or destination flexibility?

    We are offering groups the opportunity to move their tour dates to a later date in 2020. Groups can also investigate changing their 2020 tour to another destination. All tour funds will be applied to new itineraries.

  • 4. Are there any additional costs associated to changing a group tour date?

    Our main goal is to avoid extra charges as much as possible. We urge groups to keep their tour destination and simply postpone their tour for later in 2020. If new dates or destinations are considered, we need to know immediately. Travelers may expect some additional charges such as airline change fees, higher airfare costs, and/or other associated vendor charges. However, we will work hard to keep these to a minimum.

  • 5. What if a group or traveler cancels their participation on the tour?

    Enrolled travelers agreed to our Terms and Conditions upon enrollment. Vamonos has offered groups and travelers tour flexibility plus itinerary, date, and destination alternatives. Travelers were also given the option to purchase optional travel insurance, which includes a cancel for any reason policy.

    Vamonos will do its best to help the school and the group travel to their destination or to a different one later this year. We will also help travelers receive as much of their deposited funds as we can retrieve from vendors and partners. However, Vamonos cannot be held responsible for tour cancellations imposed by institutions, schools or boards or by force majeure.

    In addition, Vamonos will give individual and group travelers that choose to cancel the option to apply any unrefunded funds to a future trip with Vamonos.

  • 6. Is it too late to purchase travel insurance?

    Our optional travel insurance partner, Roam Right, does not consider cancelling out of fear of the coronavirus a covered reason. Therefore, purchasing travel insurance for this reason will not reimburse you if you cancel.

    If you purchased insurance but did not buy the cancel for any reason option, the insurance company will not reimburse you should you choose to cancel for fear of the virus as they don’t consider it a covered reason. In order to purchase the cancel for any reason upgrade, Roam Right establishes that it must be purchased within 21 days of your first deposit.

    Travelers who purchase the cancel for any reason option may be able to get up to 75% of their cancellation fees back as determined by the insurance company. We cannot guarantee that.

    For insurance questions such as coverage, which policy you purchased, and relate questions, please contact Roam Right directly at 866-891-6614. We also urge you to read Roam Right’s Travel Alert that contains helpful Coronavirus FAQ.

Our Covid19 Protocol: We will closely follow our Vamonos safety protocol:

  • Keep the group safe and together.
  • Create itineraries that keep the group outdoors as much as possible.
  • Eat as often as possible in open air establishments.
  • Be ready to make any itinerary changes always for the welfare of our groups.
  • Increase our extra precautionary measures, along with local vendors, hotels, buses, and governments, to sanitize surfaces and diminish any spread of germs. Urge travelers not to share foods or drinks with anyone else.
  • Advise travelers to purchase optional travel insurance upon enrollment in order to avoid unforeseen issues that may cause them to cancel their tour and lose their deposits.
  • Urge individuals to stay home if they are sick prior to tour departure.
  • Encourage the use of hand sanitizer and masks as needed.
  • Offer hand sanitizers and ask students to wash their hands multiple times a day.
  • Follow CDC, and the WHO guidelines periodically.
  • Inform group of any affected flight changes through group leader and the tour portal.
  • Urge group leaders to encourage travelers to use good hygiene practices, such as:
    • NO TOUCH: Keep your hands out of your nose, eyes, and mouth.
    • COVER and turn away when you or others are coughing or sneezing.
    • WASH hands thoroughly before eating anything.
    • AVOID shaking hands or touching handles especially in large public places



For further information, contact your client relations representative or email us at:




Jorge Pardo

President, Vamonos Tours Inc.