Puerto Rico earns Safe Travels Stamp from WTTC

On May 1st, 2020, Puerto Rico instituted their Gold Star Health and Safety Seal program. The goal of the program is to certify all tourism-related businesses to a high standard of safety and cleanliness in order to get tourism moving again and to give travelers the confidence of knowing they can travel to Puerto Rico safely.

The Gold Star program is based on standards established by the CDC, WHO, and other expert agencies. These new standards are applicable to all hotels, resorts, paradores, posadas, bed & breakfasts, small inns, guesthouses, time-shared properties, short-term rentals, casinos, tour operators, tourist transportation, experiences management, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and attractions.

Their efforts have now earned them the Safe Travels stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council. Puerto Rico was the first destination in the U.S. to receive this distinction. You can find out more about the WTTC’s Safety Stamp Program and see what destinations have already been certified on their website. The following Vamonos destinations have also earned this Safety Stamp: Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Spain.

Virtual Immersion Experiences

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SYTA Road Scholar Application Now Open

SYTA is now taking applications for the Road Scholar program until November 13th. A Road Scholarship is financial aid granted to individuals or groups who are nominated by a teacher or youth group leader and who meet criteria within five categories:

  • Achievement – Accomplishment in the student or group’s area of focus.
  • Need – Financial. Cultural. Linguistic. Home life hardship.
  • Initiative/Involvement – Preparation financially or through enrichment activities.
  • Service/Citizenship – Student citizenship within the classroom or community. Family service in the military or as a first-responder.
  • Connection – Relevance to student or group’s area of focus.

Costa Rica Reopens to the Entire US on November 1st, 2020

As of November first, Costa Rica will begin accepting tourists from any state in the U.S. Until then, the country is only accepting travelers residing in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming. Until Nov. 1st, you will need a state issued driver’s license to prove your state of residency in order to enter the country.
Requirements to enter the country after November 1st will remain as they currently are. Tourists need to meet the following criteria for entrance:

  • Fill out a certification online through HealthPass that they have do not have any Covid19 symptoms
  • Take a molecular Covid test and receive negative result no more than 72 hours prior to departure
  • Provide proof of international travel insurance that has a minimum of $50,000 in coverage for medical expenses and an additional $2,000 coverage for lodging in case of Covid diagnosis while in country

You can purchase travel insurance in the U.S. that meets the above criteria or you can purchase the travel insurance directly from Costa Rica. If you opt to purchase the insurance from Costa Rica directly, you can do so at the same HealthPass link above (make sure that the insurance meets the criteria for entry).

Any travelers not meeting the criteria above will not be granted entrance to Costa Rica. Please note that the above information could change at any time. Please check with the Costa Rican Embassy for the latest information for tourists traveling from the U.S.

Edit: As of October 25th, a Covid-19 test is no longer required, but HealthPass certification and the requirement for travel insurance remain in effect.

Puerto Rico Opens to Tourism Next Week!

On Monday July 15th, Puerto Rico will once again open its island to greet tourists. All countries and states in the U.S. are welcome. However, there are some new requirements that must be met by each person prior to entering the island. Below is a link to Discover Puerto Rico outlining the new requirements. You will want to read this article carefully before going so that you can be sure to have an amazing visit.


Puerto Rico Travel Advisory

Covid-19 Safety Standards

The safety and well-being of our travelers is Vamonos’ top priority. Beginning on June 1st, 2020, we are implementing additional safety measures to protect our travelers during and after this crisis. These protections are not just for our groups but also for our staff. Our preventative measures are geared to protect our travelers and staff from any spread of Covid19.

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Puerto Rico COVID19 Update: June 1st, 2020

As of May 26th, public beaches, hotel pools, natural reserves, and golf courses have reopened in Puerto Rico with limited access. Please be aware that an island-wide curfew is still in place through June 15 during the hours of 7PM to 5AM AST.

Restaurants, churches, malls, and hair salons have also opened as part of the island’s four-phased reopening plan. Face masks are mandatory when in public. The health and safety of visitors and residents remain a top priority. Shopping centers and restaurants must enforce social distancing. The following steps have also gone into effect: Continue reading