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Internet Access in Cuba

Here is a great blog article about internet access in Cuba. Internet is still painfully slow and costly for the average Cuban. For most Cubans to access the internet, they need to purchase an internet card and head to the nearest hot spot. While cards only cost about $2 for an hour of internet access, the…

ArtCenter in Cuba

ArtCenter traveled to Cuba in Early October. Here is a bit of what they did there: Fresh Eyes Cuba is a 14 week transdisciplinary studio course organized around a 10-day immersive trip to Havana, Cuba in early October. Faculty and students lived in Havana and collaborated with the Instituto de Diseño (ISDi), Cuba’s design school….

Cuba: Travel tips and reviews

Reposting of Paul Schmitz’s blog Leadership Inside Out MAY 30, 2016 Cuba: Travel tips and reviews This is a more detailed review of my trip than my Huffington Post essay of observations and reflections. Getting in/Visas. From what I have read, there will be many flights a week from the U.S. in just a few months. In…