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Thinking about a tour to Martinique for your class? Whether you want to get them excited for their upcoming trip or try a destination or two out before you book your tour, we have experiences that can help you meet your goals!

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Slave Culture and Music in Martinique
Learn fun dances and games, with live percussion. Find out how music and the earth played a key role in offering respite to slaves.

Afro-French Caribbean Stories and Traditions
Chat with a local Martiniquais and learn some stories and traditions of this Afro-French Caribbean island.

Covid 19 Live Speaker Updates
Hear from local residents on how they’re handling Covid19 in various communities around the world. Available in English and French.

Conversation and Q & A with a Native Speaker
Chat with a native speaker. Ask him/ her questions as you practice the language.

Ask an Expert
Interview an expert in any field of work. Are you studying hotel or airport management? Chat with a receptionist or airport ticket agent!