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  1. Safe French Destination
    Martinique is a friendly French island with terrific roads, hospitals, safe food and water standards, and very little crime or terrorism.
  2. European Travel in the Caribbean – Visit France, full of authentic French culture and cuisine, just a few hours away from the east coast.
  3. Sunny & Warm French Travel
    Practice French in warm Caribbean climate 12-months a year!
  4. Natural Diversity – Experience white, yellow, or black sand beaches, a famous volcano, small natural reserve islands, rainforest waterfalls and rivers, and plenty of mountain hikes.
  5. Medical Care Expect European standards of medical care easily accessible in every town and city we visit.
  6. Unique Culture and Diversity
    Martinique is a fusion of Indigenous Caribs, African, Créole, and European culture within a 50-by-22 mile range.
  7. Affordable Travel
    Given the proximity to most major U.S. cities, this is one the most affordable European destinations for students.
  8. Air Transportation
    Fort-de-France is accessible on a 4-hour direct flight from at least two east coast cities.