Why Vámonos

We get language teaching.

Most of our staff have taught in classrooms full of middle or high school students. We get school life; we get classroom’s ups and downs. Our founder was a strong proponent of the total immersion approach to language learning. When creating itineraries or leading tours, we wear our practical educational hats with passion. Find out more about us and our founder.

We get students.

Given our teaching experience, we understand students’ needs and thus create meaningful educational itineraries that keep them engaged (and happily exhausted by the end of the day!). We make a point to eliminate boring, unfulfilling, pointless activities in all of our itineraries.

We breathe cultural immersion.

If travel is our method of transportation, our one-way avenue is cultural immersion. We eat where locals eat, we chat where locals chat, swim where locals swim, and even stay where locals stay.

We’re serious about our travelers’ safety.

No one matches our honest and thorough care for our travelers. Who’s ever heard of an assistant guide who follows the coach bus on an emergency vehicle and stays with the group throughout the tour? Find out more about our safety expectations, insurance and memberships.

We love to give through service-learning.

Nothing brings us more pleasure than seeing students serving locals, bringing change to underprivileged communities, all while interacting with people in either Spanish or French. Find out more here: Giving Back and Service-Learning.

We immerse travelers in español and français.

What’s the point of learning another language and spending money on a tour if you won’t ever put it to good use? Our travelers converse with locals, speak in the target language, and are positively challenged daily.

We love our environment.

We support local farming, local markets, and create environmentally- friendly service projects. Bus tour of the city? No thank you, we will walk. Hundreds of wasted plastic water bottles? No way, we’ll provide one solid-lasting water bottle and filtered water daily to reduce waste. Find out more as you scroll down this page: Service-Learning.

We are accredited and trustworthy.

We meet the Better Business Bureau’s high A+ standards for great business practices. Additionally, we are also members of the most respected travel organizations such as SYTA, NTA, and others. Meet our affiliates at the bottom of this page: About Us

We provide smart educational travel tools.

We know teachers do not have time for an extra task. We also believe smart educational travel changes lives. Therefore, we provide group leaders with cool resources such as editable meeting agendas, letters to parents, language immersion and safety travel tips, language pledge, etc. Our passion is to create fearless language speakers and savvy world travelers for life.

We receive outstanding reviews.

We are thankful for how often students, group leaders, teachers, and parents rave about our tours. Some say the experience changed their lives. Others are motivated to pursue language teaching careers. Some travelers end up becoming Vamonos tour directors or group leaders. Read more about it here: Testimonials.