Service Learning

Service Learning School Trips

At Vámonos, we believe in the power of service learning travel for students who want to experience reciprocal learning and culture while expanding their knowledge. We are dedicated to assisting underprivileged schools, communities, and most importantly, children through our service learning tours. Our mission is to reciprocally collaborate with local communities to enhance the quality of life for those in need. We provide educational, cultural, and life-changing service learning school trips and opportunities for our caring student travelers.

To ensure a truly immersive experience, our service learning tours allow travelers to engage with the local culture and language while serving. We also offer a wide range of destination options for service learning abroad. Depending on the region and the type of service desired, we can provide longer and more diverse volunteer opportunities. Please take a look at the service learning travel options below and let us know how we can customize your itinerary or create a unique service itinerary that meets your needs.

For individuals, families, or small groups interested in Puerto Rico, we also offer service learning travel in San Juan, Ponce, La Parguera, and other cities.


  • Environmental Service Learning Abroad

    As responsible citizens of our planet, we are committed to helping our environment through varied initiatives and service projects.

    Support for Planet Earth

    We take pride in weaving sustainability into every step of our journey, creating an eco-friendly haven for explorers who cherish both adventure and the environment. Over a decade ago, we took a bold stand against plastic pollution by eliminating plastic water bottles from our tours, setting the stage for a greener, cleaner planet. We provide filtered water daily to our travelers by refilling their reusable water bottles.

    Our commitment to the environment goes beyond words; it’s a promise etched in every step we take and every destination we explore. By eliminating thousands of plastic water bottles from our tours, we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint, leaving behind only footprints of admiration for the beauty of nature.


    Through Vámonos’ service learning school trips, we can make a positive impact much easier than ever before. Unfortunately, our natural resources, coasts, and forests sometimes suffer from pollution and littering. Here are some friendly eco-service projects to consider:

    • Volunteer at a sustainable alternative rainforest experience center. Institutions and professors, if your students need service credit hours, this would be a great opportunity!
    • Clean up trash and debris on beaches, mangroves, or hiking trails.
    • Provide hurricane and earthquake-relief efforts to affected areas on the island.
    • Visit Manatee Conservation Centers and help with conservation efforts where available.
    • Learn about organic farming, help weed, and plant crops and bamboo trees. Discover how everything done on this sustainable farm affects local communities.
    • Help conservation efforts for turtles and marine creatures at local beaches where applicable.
    • Work with park rangers to maintain protected territories such as sand dunes, forests, and parks.
    • Volunteer with rainforest reforestation and learn about sustainable forestry.
    • Build gardens at schools, foster homes, and other low-income educational facilities.
  • Reciprocal Learning and Service

    We believe that travel is an opportunity not just to discover new places, but to engage in meaningful interactions that foster a two-way exchange of knowledge. In our community initiatives, you’ll not only contribute to positive change but also gain valuable insights from the communities we serve. Join us in a journey where learning becomes a shared experience, creating connections that go beyond borders and enrich both the traveler and the communities we engage with.” During service learning travel opportunities, our student travelers spend time with children that have had their home life and security affected by unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. More than just donating physical goods, student travelers build lasting bonds with children who just like any child, want to laugh, play, and learn.

    Throughout Vámonos’ service learning tours, you may have the opportunity to help serve meals, participate in sports and other activities, help improve the facilities by painting or doing garden work, or simply provide companionship for the children. Our travelers often organize activities ahead of time to engage with them upon arrival.

    Pre-planned hands-on activities

    • Leading group-bonding activities
    • Learning a variety of activities from local students
    • Teaching songs to locals
    • Preparing simple lessons based on specific subjects in need
    • Introducing new sports for locals such as lacrosse, hand ball, or other
    • Running drills and games with kids

    ***Please note that appropriate attire is required if you are doing service in a school or transitional housing facility. All travelers must wear a shirt that covers their shoulders; pants, shorts, or skirts must come down to the knees. Beach attire is prohibited***

  • Rural Service Learning Travel

    Vámonos’ service learning school trips provide students with an opportunity to volunteer in rural schools. Learning takes place as students and adults from both cultures get to know more about each other’s lives, backgrounds, interests, and learning styles. This type of service learning abroad makes possible many opportunities for cultural and language immersion exposure.

    Our travelers usually divide into small groups and partner with local kids throughout their daily activities to complete the tasks they wish to accomplish as part of their service study. Some of these are:

    • Participating in classroom activities
    • Assisting teachers with lessons
    • Supervising recess
    • Participating at local public school summer camps (June & July)
    • Playing sports
    • Tutoring individual or small groups
    • Improving the facilities by painting, weeding, gardening, and performing simple installations.
    • We also encourage travelers to donate items to the school while they visit

    ***Please note that appropriate attire is required if you are doing service in a school or transitional housing facility. All travelers must wear a shirt that covers their shoulders; pants, shorts, or skirts must come down to the knees. Beach attire is prohibited***

Interested in Learning More About Vámonos’ Service Learning Tours?

If any of our service learning tours have piqued your interest, connect with our team of caring professionals today to learn more. Vámonos Tours has been in the business of creating safe, educational, and fun service learning school trips for over 2 decades. We understand the need for service, both for those receiving it, as well as those providing it. If you have the desire to travel with a purpose, and want your students to feel the pride of helping others, then our service tours may be right for you.