Cultural Immersion

Cultural Immersion

We don’t run “touristy” tours with minimal cultural immersion. Instead, travelers fall in love with our destinations as they experience them from within (no Hard Rock Café, please!). Plus, they step out of their comfort zone to interact with locals.

Cultural Immersion EAT like a local

DANCE at a folkloric dance workshop

HELP underprivileged kids at youth organizations and at public schools through service projects

INTERACT with locals daily

COOK like a local at our authentic cooking class and demonstration

HEAR local legends and ghost stories

ORDER authentic dishes in the target language

EXPERIENCE home cooking and home living during our homestays (Costa Rica)

Cultural Immersion VISIT indigenous centers and villages if applicable to destination

HUNT for fruits/vegetables at our scavenger farmers’ market digital hunt.

ENJOY an interactive “Salsa” lesson

PLAY local games and learn local colloquial expressions


Virtual Workshops

We also offer many of our cultural immersion experiences as workshops. Our virtual workshops and demonstrations are live and highly diverse. They range in topic anywhere from a salsa dance lesson to cooking lessons and beyond. They are offered in English, Spanish, French.

They are offered to small groups up to 8 participants or to live interactive audiences via webinars for larger groups. Sessions can be experienced at home, at school, or at any location with internet access.

Each workshop includes:

✅ Live local speakers who lead the workshop
✅ Your Immersion host for extra support
✅ Pre-session preparation: includes tools, and materials needed
✅ Structured, engaging and interactive approach
✅ Q&A opportunities
✅ Post- session activities: workshops, music and travel opportunities
✅ Private, safe and secured connection

Explore virtual workshop options!