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French Martinique Tours

Looking to expand your French travel options beyond France or Québec? Consider the tropical destination of our Martinique tours for your next educational tour! We are possibly the only U.S tour operator that offers exclusive student tours of Martinique. This beautiful island provides a safe and warm environment, blending European and African cultures, pristine beaches, exotic markets, a historic capital city, a rainforest, a volcano, and delicious French-Caribbean cuisine.

Voilà la Martinique!

One of the highlights of our Martinique tours is the opportunity for students to practice their French language skills in an immersive environment. English is rarely spoken on the island, creating the perfect setting for students to interact with locals in schools, Martiniquais neighborhoods, markets, pétanque courts, and more.

During our trips to Martinique, students can enjoy a variety of activities and experiences, including visiting a farmers’ market and participating in a fun scavenger hunt. They can also embark on a guided rainforest eco-tour to discover breathtaking waterfalls, learn to cook traditional Créole dishes in a cooking class, take dance lessons to immerse themselves in local culture, and even try their hand at sailing. Exploring the local neighborhoods and interacting with the friendly Martiniquais people is another highlight, along with a walking tour of a historic fort and the opportunity for service-learning. To top it all off, a catamaran excursion and a visit to the magnificent Mt. Pelée volcano is also included.

Highlights of Vámonos’ Martinique Tours

  • Farmers’ market visit & scavenger hunt
  • Guided rainforest eco-tour & waterfalls
  • Créole cooking class
  • Local dance lessons
  • Sailing lessons
  • Visit to a local neighborhood for interaction with locals
  • Walking tour of a fort
  • Service-learning options
  • Catamaran excursion
  • Mt. Pelée volcano exploration

Trips to Martinique

Experience the beauty and richness of Martinique with our immersive and educational tours. Book your trip to Martinique now and make unforgettable memories while enhancing your French language skills! Explore our 5 day Créole tour, and our 7 day Gommier tour in detail to decide which of our trips to Martinique is best suited for your group. And remember, every educational tour is customized to fit your needs.

Why Choose a French Martinique Tour?

The French Martinique is a safe and friendly French destination in the Caribbean. With well-maintained roads, excellent healthcare facilities, and high food and water safety standards, Vámonos Martinique tours are an ideal place to explore and immerse yourself in authentic French culture and cuisine.

Warm Weather!

The sunny and warm climate of Martinique allows you to practice your French skills all year round. Experience the natural diversity this island has to offer, from stunning white, yellow, and black sand beaches to a famous volcano and small natural reserve islands. Don’t miss the chance to discover the beauty of rainforest waterfalls, rivers, and enjoy plenty of mountain hikes.

High Medical Standards

When it comes to healthcare, you can expect European standards of medical care, which are easily accessible in every town and city you visit. Embrace the unique culture and diversity of Martinique, as it is a fascinating blend of Indigenous Caribs, African, Créole, and European influences within a relatively small area.

Affordable & Convenient Travel

Affordability is another advantage of our trips to Martinique. Being in close proximity to major U.S. cities, it is a budget-friendly European destination, especially for students. With great direct flight options from Miami and for Montreal and Toronto, you’ll be exploring the wonders of Fort-de-France in no time.

Book Your Martinique Tours Today!

Our team is here to answer any questions you have about our French Martinique tours. Make this year one to remember by choosing a destination your students will love and remember for a lifetime. Experience all the French Martinique has to offer! Contact Vámonos for more information or to get started.

Je définis la culture ainsi : c’est tout ce que les hommes ont imaginé pourfaçonner le monde, pour s’accommoder du monde et pour le rendre digne de l’homme.  – Aimé Césaire