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Educational Tours in Israel

The Perfect Way to Expand Your Students Horizons

Vámonos’ educational tours in Israel are more than just an opportunity for students to see historic sites. It’s a chance to explore one of the most culturally diverse, historically rich, and fascinating countries on Earth. Israel is a land of contrasts and contradictions where ancient traditions meet modern practices in a way that is both surprising and enlightening. The tiny State of Israel, only 70 years old and smaller in size than New Jersey, is an ideal destination for student travel and performing groups. No place on earth is as packed with history, geographical diversity, and cultural treasures as is Israel.

Though a bit smaller than the size of New Jersey, it contains snow capped mountains in the north, tropical coral reefs in the south (Red Sea), sandy beaches along the Mediterranean, the Judean Desert, and the lowest point on earth (Dead Sea). Our Israel guided tours include a personal cultural touch and add unique experiences such as school visits, scavenger hunts at markets, and conversations with locals.

Historical Israel Tours

Israel is an incredibly historical country, and as such, it boasts various historical and cultural monuments. Our educational Israel tours offer students the opportunity to learn about biblical and ancient history, world religions, and the past that has led to the present conflict. Walking through historic sites like Masada, the Dead Sea, Nazareth, and the Sea of Galilee provide students with a deeper understanding of the country, while museums like the Israel Museum in Jerusalem provide access to some of the most significant archeological relics and documents in the world. A student who visits these historic sites is likely to develop an appreciation of the past and the present role it plays in shaping the future.

Experience Different Cultures

Israel has for years been a melting pot of different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. The educational tours Israel provides give an opportunity to experience this unique mix first hand. From wandering through the old city of Jerusalem, the diverse neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, and the vibrant port city of Haifa, students get to see how different cultures interact and coexist. People from every continent live in Israel, leading to a progressive blend of new and old traditions. The inclusive nature of the country allows students to interact with people from different cultures and learn from them, and your Vámonos Israel tour guides ensure students have an immersive yet safe visit.

Guided Israel Tours

Embark on a profound journey through Israel, a land where ancient history and vibrant modern life intertwine seamlessly. In Jerusalem, immerse yourself in the rich heritage of a city sacred to Muslims, Jewish people, and Christians alike. Walk the paths of pilgrims through time, experiencing the spiritual atmosphere and witnessing the coexistence of diverse religious traditions. Further enriching your journey, Yad Vashem offers a solemn reflection on the Holocaust, while archaeological wonders like Masada invite you to delve hands-on into Israel’s storied past.

In contrast, the bustling energy of Tel Aviv, often likened to the “Manhattan of Israel,” presents a lively urban experience blending fast-paced city life with relaxed beach vibes. Wander through ancient Jaffa’s narrow streets, indulge in local culinary delights, and engage with Israel’s cultural mosaic, meeting locals from a variety of backgrounds. Adventure awaits in the stunning landscapes of the Dead Sea, the Golan Heights, and the Sea of Galilee, providing breathtaking experiences from floating in mineral-rich waters to hiking scenic cliffs. Architectural marvels such as the Bahai Gardens in Haifa and the White City of Tel Aviv, both UNESCO World Heritage sites, add to the allure of this extraordinary destination. In Israel, every step is a journey through time, spirituality, and cultural diversity.

Vámonos’ Israel Tour Guides

An educational tour to Israel shapes a student’s personal, academic, and social life in many ways. They will gain new knowledge and appreciate the cultural richness and historical glimpses that the country has to offer. Vámonos offers a range of tour packages that cater to different travel needs, including Israel trip cost, itinerary, and different cultural experiences. Booking one of our educational tours of Israel for your students is an investment in their future and can set them up for personal, social, and academic success. Our professional Israel tour guides are equipped with not only deep knowledge and passion for this amazing destination, but also understand how to navigate each city efficiently and safely.

Our Flagship Israel Tours

We offer 2 flagship Israel tours including our 9-day Classic Tour, and our 11-day Holy Land Tour. Each fully-customizable tour invites you to experience different parts of the rich culture that can only be experienced in Israel. If you are looking to book a Vámonos guided Israel tour, reach out and connect with our team of caring professionals to learn which is right for your student group and book your trip today.

Whether you want to experience the diversity of Israel by sharing a Sabbath evening with a host family, exploring archaeological sites like Masada, rafting on the Jordan River, or fueling your adrenaline with ATV rides in the Golan Heights and hikes down the Arbel Cliffs, Vámonos has the Israel tour package that will allow your students to create lifelong memories.