San Antonio

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Mexican Heritage Tours of San Antonio

You’ve heard of The Álamo, but few have considered the many cultural, educational, and language immersion opportunities in San Antonio. Experience a vibrant Mexican heritage in the heart of Texas. The city’s history, unique attractions, and friendly people will make this one of your U.S. student group destinations.


  • Chat with chicanos “en espanol” with some Spanglish
  • Experience Mexican culture and cuisine daily, with locals
  • Spanish-speaking guide, bus driver, and managers
  • Interact with Latino Native Americans
  • Learn the tricks of cooking authentic Mexican tamales
  • Enjoy “Folklórico” dance lessons at inner-city Mexican studio
  • Meet local Mexican-American artists
  • Learn the difference between Tejano, Chicano, Tex-Mex cultures
  • Do the RiverWalk, en español!
  • Visit Spanish Missions
  • Interact with Native Americans through storytelling, song, dance
  • Tour famous caves, cathedral, and historic Alamo
  • Volunteer at numerous institutions, organizations, and inner-city spaces.