performance Vámonos welcomes choir, band, and performance groups of all sizes and ages. We are used to adding formal and informal performances and rehearsals to our diverse adventure, culture, and science-immersion itinerary options.

Consider these options below, feel free to make suggestions, and customize your itinerary as needed:

performance-01 PERFORM with local bands and choirs.

DANCEworkshop and show by private award-winning rural folkloric groups. Learn the history, moves, and dance progression.

ENJOY interactive dance lessons at one of the top dance academies.

PERFORM aat Local orphanages, elderly homes, and/or community centers.

PARTICIPATE in private music workshops led by college or HS professors.

PERFORM at local shopping malls and city squares.

SING or PERFORM at main city farmers’ market.

PERFORM at a local mass with Church’s approval and support.