Concert-Cultural Tours for Musical Groups

Since our beginnings in 2002, Vámonos has passionately created meaningful cultural
immersion with the highest standards of musical exchange and performance. Our expertise
throughout the Spanish and French speaking Caribbean is unsurpassed and has positioned us as the
largest student tour operator to Puerto Rico. Our reach is far beyond the islands to key destinations such as Estonia, Costa Rica, Peru, Panamá, Spain and many other destinations.

Vamonos has partnered with conductor Kevin Meidl as he takes the role of our Music Consultant. Kevin has led and directed groups to unforgettable music tours around the world. His choir has even sung for the Pope. Now, he is taking his decades of music expertise and combining them with travel to give travelers a Vamonos Music Tour experience that is meaningful, unique and cultural! Read more about Kevin and all that he brings to Vamonos.

Why is Vámonos so successful?

We are obsessed with details…we listen to our directors…and frankly, we sweat the small things that
will make your tour a life-changing experience for every performer! We are committed to creating…

  • Powerful musical/cultural exchanges with local ensembles
  • Dynamic festivals with renowned conductors and teachers
  • Independent concerts in outstanding university, church, school and public venues
  • Great audiences for our performing ensembles

Music is a powerful ambassador to world cultures!

Our vision at Vámonos is to provide significant, exciting and customized cultural experiences for our
performing groups. Whether a school choir, community band, or an adult church ensemble, our professional
team will create unforgettable moments for your performers. Musical exchanges take place within local
schools, churches, universities, or with renowned regional artists. With music as a common language for
building bridges of international friendship, Vámonos creates meaningful people to people interactions.

We partner with you to create a unique custom tour.

Our professional music educators and performance specialists work with teachers and directors to
design a worry-free concert tour. Not only do we provide great value and pricing, but we are a full-
service company making your work easier. We can provide…

  • Concert and exchange logistics including great venues and partner groups
  • Promotion and marketing for your public concerts ensuring enthusiastic audiences
  • Consultation for programming and other musical decisions
  • Instrument transportation and rental if needed
  • Sound, video or other specific needs
  • Air, coach, meals, hotels, guides and first-rate sightseeing to complement any performance itinerary

Vámonos Tours has a rich history of bringing the world to thousands of touring groups. From
language, science-immersion groups and performances in towns, city squares, orphanages, to Holy Week choral music performances in the great cathedrals of the world, we have provided the finest life-enhancing experiences for American travelers. It will be our privilege to create your best tour yet!


Unable to travel with your group at this present time? Still want to bring performance and cultural exchange to your group? Your choir or music group now has the opportunity to virtually rehearse and perform through our interactive platform. We have a variety of performance options, such as:

  • Zoom performance where one or multiple songs are recorded from each individual’s piece and put together into a video
  • Musical performance exchange with a local choir, band, or music group
  • Music without Borders: bring your music to underprivileged communities through recorded performances