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Miami is the capital of Latin America within the United States. It is a safe and friendly location for students with U.S. medical, food, and water standards.

It is the perfect student travel destination given the unique language & Latino culture, plus there is no need for passports!


  • Eat where locals eat (from “frijoles negros,” to “chicharritas” and beyond)
  • Watch out for wildlife in and around the Everglades
  • Visit a Miccosukee Native American village; learn how they handle alligators
  • Immerse yourself in Miami’s Little Havana – Dominoes anyone?
  • Serve and help exotic creatures at an animal rescue mission
  • Explore a local Latino market & cafetería – try a “batido de guanábana”
  • Stroll through South Beach and participate in an urban arts and mural city tour
  • Walk through Wynwood Walls for a world class graffiti tour
  • Embark on a thrilling airboat tour to see alligators in the wild
  • Environmental service and beach time at the Key Biscayne National Park
  • Dine at the world’s most famous Cuban restaurant