Traveler’s Insurance

Reasons to consider travel insurance:

  • You may get sick and have to cancel your trip.
  • The airlines may lose your luggage en route to your destination.
  • You may miss your flight connection and lose days on your trip.
  • You could be in a foreign country and need emergency medical attention
  • You may not be covered for medical concerns by your current health insurance. Don’t just assume you are, call and check.
  • Unexpected loss of a job, job change, or being required to work at the last minute
  • Jury duty
  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes can shut down air traffic
  • Change of mind

Vamonos offers three of the most popular and beneficial travel insurance plans from RoamRight, the Pro Plan, the Pro Plus Plan, and the Cancelflex Plan. To be covered for pre-existing conditions, any plan you choose must be paid for within 21 days of the first enrollment deposit submission. The cancel for any reason upgrade is no longer available. The Cancelflex plan has replaced that option.

If you choose the Cancelflex option, you must purchase the insurance within 21 days of making your first deposit. After the 21-day window, you will no longer be able to select this option. The Cancelflex option has the benefits of the ProPlus plan with the added benefit of being able to cancel for any reason up to 48 hours before departure, and get 60% of your deposit back. Please note, if you are with a group that postponed your travel in 2020 or you are traveling before June 1st, of 2021, you will not be eligible to purchase this insurance plan.

For those of you traveling to Costa Rica, there is a new upgrade designed especially for you. Costa Rica has new insurance requirements for travelers. You must be able to demonstrate that you have travel insurance with at least $50,000 coverage for medical and $2000 coverage for lodging in case of quarantine. The new Platinum Upgrade allows you to meet those requirements. You will need to purchase a ProPlus or Cancelflex plan in order to add this upgrade. If you have already purchased a ProPlus Plan, you can add this upgrade anytime before departure. This upgrade is also available to travelers who postponed their trip from 2020 to 2021.

You can purchase travel insurance during the enrollment process or you can click the link to the right to purchase it.

If you have any questions about what the plans cover, you can call the insurance company at 866-891-6614.

As always, Vamonos is committed to providing you the best insurance options. We are committed to making sure that what we offer provides the best coverage possible.