science While on tour, our students are often unaware that they are constantly learning. Our hands-on approach to science learning takes place under the umbrella of engaging cultural immersion and adventure activities. Our guides immerse travelers in the world of biology, ecology, and sometimes even astronomy as well. Here are a few examples:

SNORKEL at pristine Caribbean Sea coral reefs near Fajardo – learn about the island’s ecology, the type of coral and fish in the area, and much more.

DISCOVER flora and fauna in El Yunque rainforest – find out what makes this attraction one of the 26 finalists in the world’s seven wonders competition. Go find out:

  • What’s a “coquí” and how many species are there?
  • What mysterious “alien” creature was born in this rainforest?
  • How many inches of rainfalll occurs in a given year?
  • Is it true that El Yunque possesses the largest collection of ferns in the world?
  • What steps are being taken to save the endangered Puerto Rican parrot?

ENCOUNTER living sea creatures at our La Parguera biobay experience– travelers interact, feel, and touch sea critters as they learn about each animal’s biology, place in the food chain, eating habits, fishing technique and more. Along the way, you may find out:

  • Where does an octopus hide and how do you catch them?
  • Which animal, when turned backwards, looks exactly like the alien in the movie “Predator?”
  • What are dinoflagellates?
  • What kind of chemical reaction causes the water to light up at the bioluminescent bay? Why doesn’t this happen back home?
  • Did you say a blowfish preys on sharks? How in the world is that possible?

SWIM in teams at a bioluminescent lagoon at night.

VISIT the outskirts of an island full of Rhesus monkeys.

LEARN about mangrove ecosystems and iguanas on a private boat tour.

guanica-dry-forest CHECK out cacti of all sizes at Guanica’s Dry Forest, a United Nations Biosphere Reserve.

EXPLORE secluded “Caja de Muerto Island” and visit the small flora and fauna museum. Snorkel the reefs and follow the underwater trail. Learn about the peculiar dry forest ecosystem. Go find out:

  • Is it true that small Caribbean “cobras” live here?
  • How was the underwater snorkeling trail built?
  • Are all manta rays dangerous?
  • What do locals do to decrease inflammation and pain from a jellyfish sting? Hint: it’s connected to balancing the body’s pH level.

TOUR a sustainable fruit farm and learn about the difference between bananas and plantains.

SPOT marine birds in La Parguera. Go find out:

  • What is the second fastest bird in the world?

SPELUNK in caves in Camuy and Tanamá.

VISIT “Las Salinas” in Cabo Rojo. Go find out:

  • What are they made of?
  • What does this place have to do with snow or your swimming pool?

PARTICIPATE in a reforestation project in a forest or National Wildlife Refuge.

EXPERIENCE nature up close and personal by spending a few days at our rainforest preservation site where you will learn about forest care, hurricane-relief preservation efforts, and numerous gardening and plant identification skills.

Virtual Science Experiences

We also offer virtual experiences that you can use to enhance teaching in your classrooms. You and your class can chat live with an expert or you can opt for a virtual trip which takes you on a virtual tour with our expert.

  • ✅ Hike rainforests
  • ✅ Explore ocean and forest ecosystems
  • ✅ Learn about volcanoes and hotsprings
  • ✅ And much more

We have many options to support science in your classroom.