Puerto Rico COVID19 Update: June 1st, 2020

As of May 26th, public beaches, hotel pools, natural reserves, and golf courses have reopened in Puerto Rico with limited access. Please be aware that an island-wide curfew is still in place through June 15 during the hours of 7PM to 5AM AST.

Restaurants, churches, malls, and hair salons have also opened as part of the island’s four-phased reopening plan. Face masks are mandatory when in public. The health and safety of visitors and residents remain a top priority. Shopping centers and restaurants must enforce social distancing. The following steps have also gone into effect: Continue reading

Everyone is talking about Puerto Rico!

✔ The New York Times featured the island among the Top 5 Tourist Destinations that have a plan for reopening.
✔ According to Expedia, San Juan is in the Top 10 list of the most popular recently searched destinations for flights globally.
✔ Puerto Rico has 3 of the top beaches in the world according to Travel Addicts Life
Not only is Puerto Rico first on many travelers’ list after re-opening, but the island’s virtual entertainment is unparalleled. Travel Pulse Magazine just featured Discover Puerto Rico’s successful and innovative virtual program. To bring the Puerto Rican spirit virtually, this marketing organization released virtual nature tours, museum tours, culinary recipes, dancing lessons, family activities and much more.
This is all just a preview for what we have in store for our travelers coming to Puerto Rico. We can’t wait to show you what’s next for Puerto Rico.

The Benefits of Working with a SYTA Tour Operator

SYTA recently published a blog post on the benefits of working with a SYTA member tour operator. Below is a brief excerpt from the article. Clic the button to read the full post.

One of the greatest advantages to using a tour operator, rather than plan a student group trip on your own, is benefitting from the relationships operators have with various vendors, such as hotels and attractions. Operators cultivate these relationships over many years through networking, conferences and meetings with associations such as SYTA. As a result, the tour operators build volume over time and that means leverage in securing group rates, VIP access and tickets that an individual would not be able to get on their own.


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Airlines Step Up their Cleaning and Safety Standards

U.S. top airlines such as American, Delta, United, Southwest and Jetblue have taken never before seen cleaning and safety procedures to adapt to our new Covid19 reality. In our research, we found that these airlines are using additional electrostatic spraying to disinfect their planes with an EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant on both hard and soft surfaces. For American and Delta, most of their aircrafts have High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that provide a complete air change approximately 15–30 times per hour. HEPA air filters extract more than 99.999% of even the tiniest viruses, as small as 0.01 micrometers. In the case of Southwest and Jetblue, all of their planes have HEPA filters. Continue reading

Student Group

Travel Pros Make Planning a Student Trip Easy

Here is the second of two articles from NTA’s April Courier Magazine, that featured Vamonos Tours. in this article NTA interviews our president, Jorge Pardo along with another tour operator from Destinations Unlimited about student travel, the current situation, and beyond. An excerpt is below. If you would like to read the full article, click the button.

Although most student travel—field trips, performance tours, athletic team travel, etc.—was canceled this spring due to the coronavirus scare, it’s certain that school groups will hit the road again in the future. They’ll travel to learn, to sing, to play, and to broaden their minds.

Two experienced tour operators, Julie Kozikowski, CTP, president of Destinations Unlimited (Plymouth, Connecticut) and Jorge Pardo, founder/president of Vámonos Tours (San Juan, Puerto Rico), share their views on what the virus means to student travel.

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Student groups in Puerto Rico

San Juan for Student Groups

NTA recently published an article in their April issue of Courier magazine about Vamonos Tours in Puerto Rico. One of their staff members spent the day on tour with one of our student groups. He got to experience our tour and Spanish only experience first hand. Here is an excerpt from the article. To read the full article on his day spent with one of our student groups, click the button below.

During a visit to Puerto Rico last year, I got to explore the island with long-time NTA member, Vámonos Tours. While I’d written about the student tour operator multiple times for Courier magazine, it was a real treat to get to see the Vámonos team in action.

The company focuses on localized experiences, and a typical tour highlights the best of San Juan and mixes in stops elsewhere on the island. The day I joined one of their school groups, middle schoolers from Alaska, for some cultural-based activities was spent in Ponce, a city on the southern coast.


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For more information on the tours and destinations we offer, mouse over Tours in our menu above and then destinations. To get more information on planning a student group tour, click the Request Info button on the top right. We are ready to assist you!