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The Tonight Show Live from San Juan, PR!

Exciting News! The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon is coming to Puerto Rico as part of the Hamilton Musical events with special guest including Lin-Manuel Miranda This special show will be aired live on NBC on January 15, 2019 and will include an airing of a special Hamilton performance. Perfectly put by Jimmy Fallon himself, “it’s…

Holiday Traditions of Puerto Rico

Holiday Traditions of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is able to transform into every tourist’s ideal location at any time of the year. One of the greatest times of the year to visit the island is during the holiday season. Accompanied by a breezy 75-85°F weather, no place has a longer and more diverse holiday season than we do in Puerto…

Souvenirs from Samuel Lind's workshop

Are Your Souvenirs Authentic?

We all do it. We go on a trip or vacation and we bring back souvenirs. How often have you given thought to how authentic your souvenirs are? Have you ever considered whether your souvenirs are ethically sourced? Could buying that item cause harm to a country, an economy, an ecosystem, or an endangered species?…

Piña Farming

Farming Experiences a Revival in Puerto Rico

Up until the 1940’s, agriculture was a dominant industry on the island with crops such as cocoa, sugarcane, coffee, plantains, bananas, and even rice. Unfortunately, farming has dwindled to almost nothing over the last few decades. Puerto Rico now imports 80% of its food from other countries. Over the last few years, this trend is…

Cruise ships bring economic growth

Puerto Ricans Experience Economic Growth

The Puerto Rican government may be struggling financially, but that is not necessarily true of the Puerto Rican people. The tourism industry is experiencing economic growth as more and more cruise ships pour into Old San Juan every day. The influx of tourists is having a positive impact on restaurants, shops, taxi drivers, tour operators, and artisans.