Covid-19 Information

Covid Destination Updates

Dear Vamonos community, educators, institutions, and partners,

The safety and wellbeing of our travelers is our top priority. Our offices are currently open as well as our continental US, Puerto Rico, Central American, and most of our European destinations. Ever since March 2020, we processed thousands of cancellations and successfully helped group leaders postpone tour dates and travel again as early as May 2021.

We believe in instilling confidence in our travelers by establishing quality and safety standards for travel providers. We are a proud member of the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA), whose mission is to provide life enhancing travel experiences to students and young people. SYTA establishes quality and safety standards for travel providers and empowers members through advocacy, education, training and networking opportunities. We continue to provide safe guidance, expertise, and travel assistance for our groups and customers as they book new groups and rebook postponed tours.

We know schools and students are eager to travel again after such a long pause due to Covid. We are here to safely plan your tour even you only have a few months to put it together. We believe in the positive impact that travel has on students. Student and youth travel experiences are proven to increase independence, self-esteem, intellectual curiosity, cultural tolerance, self-expression, adaptability, and even a desire to seek higher education. Social impact of student travel changes young lives for good. According to the SYTA Student Travel Digest…

  • 74% of school teachers surveyed believe that travel has a very positive impact on a student’s personal development.
  • 56% of teachers believe that travel has a very positive impact on a student’s education and career.
  • The Digest also shows that over 70% of teachers believe that travel positively impacts students’ performance at school.
  • Teachers perceive travel as a remarkable opportunity for young people to get in touch with different cultures and communities outside of their usual environment — 74% see an increased tolerance of other cultures and ethnicities. 66% believe international travel increases students’ tolerance and respect.

As the saying goes, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer(Anonymous).” Let us help you start planning that next trip, we are here to help!

As you decide on the safest and most exciting destinations, visit our Covid Destinations Updates page. In addition, we also invite you to experience our new virtual travel platform, ViVamonos!


Jorge Pardo