Travel Insurance – A Must in A Covid19 World

Are you planning to travel this year? We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself and your investment. It’s important to have coverage for unforeseen circumstances such as missed or canceled flights, lost luggage, even illness and quarantine. Travel insurance protects you from additional expense and loss. Some countries like Costa Rica even require it for entry now.

Today, travel insurance is more important than ever. With Covid19 not completely behind us yet, there is always the small chance that you might have to quarantine in your destination and/or need medical care.

Our partner, RoamRight, has created an upgrade that covers you if you should need to quarantine and seek medical care while on your trip. Just purchase a Pro Plus Plan and add the Platinum Upgrade and you will be covered for up to $75,000 in medical expenses and $2,000 for quarantine lodging and expenses. If you are traveling to Costa Rica, the Platinum Upgrade will satisfy Costa Rica’s travel insurance requirements for entry.

Insurance is like an umbrella, if you have it, you probably won’t need it, but if you leave home without it, you may wish you had considered it.