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Thinking about a tour to Costa Rica for your class? Whether you want to get them excited for their upcoming trip or try a destination or two out before you book your tour, we have experiences that can help you meet your goals!

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Covid 19 Live Speaker Updates
Hear from local residents on how they’re handling Covid19 in various communities around the world.

Conversation and Q & A with a Native Speaker
Chat with a native speaker. Ask him/ her questions as you practice the language.

Ask an Expert
Interview an expert in any field of work. Are you studying hotel or airport management? Chat with a receptionist or airport ticket agent!

Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs
Chat with a Costa Rican local and learn about the science of hot springs and the history of the Arenal area.

Forest Farm: Wild life, Butterflies, & Chocolate (LivE Only)
Chat with a butterfly farmer and learn about butterfly farms, Central American forest wildlife, and how to process cacao pods into simple, delicious chocolate.

Cacao-Making in Costa Rica
Where does chocolate come from? Meet Costa Rican farmers and find out how to make homemade chocolate.

Gallo Pinto for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Learn to make Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica’s traditional dish that is prepared with the one and only Lizano sauce.