Cancel for Any Reason… Or Not!

Back in early April, all travel insurance companies pulled their cancel for any reason* option from the market as the pandemic was shutting down travel.  Our partner, RoamRight, also pulled their cancel for any reason upgrade as well. You will no longer be able to purchase the cancel for any reason upgrade for the Pro or Pro Plus insurance plans.

Starting in December, they have created a new insurance plan called Cancelflex. This new plan has all the same benefits as the Pro Plus Plan. However, it will reimburse at 60% instead of the old upgrade rate of 75%. The plan must be purchased within 21 days of your enrollment deposit. Cancelflex will not be available to any groups that booked in 2020 and rescheduled and will not be available for any new groups that travel before June 1, 2021. We realize that the 15% decrease in this benefit may be disappointing. Due to these changes, we are actively looking out for the best insurance options for our groups.

RoamRight is also rolling out a new upgrade for those who will be traveling to Costa Rica. Costa Rica has new requirements for travelers that include travel insurance with a medical benefit of $50,000 minimum and at least $2,000 in coverage for lodging in case of quarantine in the country. To assist those travelers that would be traveling to Costa Rica, RoamRight has created a new Platinum Upgrade that can be added to any Pro Plus or Cancelflex insurance plan. Platinum can be added to any traveler’s existing Pro Plus plan as well, regardless of whether you are rescheduling from 2020 or if you are a new group. It is also available for any group traveling before June 1, 2021. If you purchased a Pro Plan, and would like to get the Platinum Upgrade, you will need to cancel your existing Pro Plan and Purchase a Pro Plus Plan with the upgrade. Please contact us for assistance and we would be glad to help you with this.

*Cancel for any reason is an upgrade offered  by most travel insurance companies. When purchased as an upgrade to a travel insurance policy, it gives the traveler the option to cancel their trip, even if their reason for cancellation is not one given as a covered reason in their policy, and still allows for a refund of up to 75% of their trip payments.