Status Update on Puerto Rico

Meet Puerto Rico, the island’s convention bureau, issued an update on the status of Puerto Rico yesterday. Click the link right before the video to see the full update. Also enjoy the video below that highlights Puerto Rico’s planned comeback from the hurricane. Since yesterday the website has reported the following improvements:

  • Electricity is now at 37%, not 30. 
  • Water is at 83%
  • Telecommunications is at 70%
  • 72% of all hotels are now open!

In addition to these updates we are happy to report the following:

  • Our top partner hotel, Ponce’s Hotel Melia, NEVER closed and has stayed open for business all throughout. 
  • El Yunque ziplines are now open and operational.
  • Vamonos Tours will resume regular tour operations in Puerto Rico by November 27th!

Meet Puerto Rico update