Why Philadelphia?

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Philadelphia is the perfect place for your travelers’ Latino experience in the U.S. Here’s why:

  • NO Passport, NO Customs Required – (No lines, no paperwork, no deadlines!)
  • Safe Travel – Philadelphia is in the United States, cultural immersion without being a foreign country.
    Medical care, food and water regulations, currency, telephone, banking, and postal services
    are all the same. Parents are usually more likely to send their child to a local and more affordable
    location like Philadelphia given our current economic and national security climate.
  • Medical Care – Philadelphia’s major medical centers are the finest in the U.S. Medical care is easily
    accessible. No immunizations are required for visiting Philadelphia.
  • A Variety of Latino Cultures – Philadelphia has a rich blend of Latino communities representing several countries: Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Peru, Puerto Rico, and the list goes on. Why learn about just one, when you can sample the world!
  • Affordable Travel – Given the proximity to most major U.S. cities, and the flexibility with the
    length of our tours, Philadelphia is one of the friendliest and most affordable educational tour destinations
    for students. The group cost for same days for a Spain trip would probably be twice as
  • Air Transportation – Philadelphia is a direct and short flight from most major U.S. cities.